The Nigeria International Bunker Industry Conference 2024 (NIBIC 2024) is the maiden edition of this annual Conference.

Nigeria International Bunker Industry Conference (NIBIC) is an initiative of All Seasons Energy and Marine Enterprises Limited and Pride Creative Enterprise and Multi-Media Limited in partnership with the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping with a view to engage local and international stakeholders in the oil and gas and maritime sectors, as well as other leaders in business and government to birth a new era in the Nigeria bunker ecosystem.

Bunker suppliers
Shipping agents/brokers
Fuel buyers

Our Mission

To see that the vision of the Federal Government of Nigeria of developing a virile and viable bunker industry in Nigeria, such that she becomes the centre of bunkering activities in West Africa, Gulf of Guinea and the African continent.

To clean up the negative image of bunkering in Nigeria through a sustained enlightenment campaign.

To educate and inform the public that bunkering is an international business legitimately conducted by credible operators throughout the world.

To try and ensure that the licensed operators and ship owners who have invested in the sector operate in a conducive environment.

To work towards establishing Nigeria as a reliable bunker supply centre in the eyes of the international community.

How do we get there?

Nigeria has great potential as a bunker nation not only because she is a major producer of oil, she can become the de-facto bunker supply center in West Africa, primarily because of her natural geographical position on the transatlantic seaboard. The statistics show that the bulk of products sold in the West African sub-region bunker market is sourced majorly from Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria is not even quoted as a reliable supply center.

Leveraging on our strengths